FAQ: How to Copy a Profile

How can I create a new profile, by copying an old one?

Short Answer

Take an existing profile and change the first line to the new name.

Long Answer

You can use an existing profile, keep it's features and create a new one from it by editing the first line:

  1. 1. Duplicate the profile CFG file, in the profiles folder of LogAnalysisInfo, changing the name from internal_profile_name.cfg to new_internal_profile_name.cfg. Put this duplicate file somewhere other than the profiles folder, for now; otherwise it will break the Profiles list in the web interface until it has been edited as in step 2.
  2. 2. Edit the new file, new_internal_profile_name.cfg with a text editor, to change the first line from internal_profile_name = { to new_internal_profile_name = {
  3. 3. Still editing the new file, search for the external label name, and change it to the new external label name; change: label = "Old Profile name in the GUI" to label = "New Profile name in the GUI"
  4. 4. Still editing the new file, change the profile_name option to the new internal profile name, change: profile_name = "old_internal_profile_name" to profile_name = "new_internal_profile_name"
  5. 5. The very last line of the file contains a comment which should be changed too, for consistency; change: } # old_internal_profile_name to } # new_internal_profile_name
  6. 6. Move the new profile into the profiles folder to make it live.