FAQ: Definitions of Numerical Fields

In web server analyses, what are "hits," "page views," "bandwidth" or "bytes," "visitors," or "sessions"? In media analyses, what are "stream duration," "play duration," "pause duration," "session duration," "events," "streams," or "concurrent connection," or "successful accesses"?

Short Answer

Hits are accesses to the server; page views are accesses to HTML pages; visitors are unique visitors to the site, and sessions are visits to the site. Play duration is the most useful measure of time actually spent playing; pause duration is time spent paused; stream and session duration are the time spent connected; events is the total number of log lines; stream is the unique number of streams accessed; successful accesses are the number of non-error streaming events.

Long Answer

Web Server Numerical Fields

Sawmill can count web log traffic in several ways. Each way is counted independently of the others, and each has its own advantages in analyzing your traffic. The different types are:

Media Server Numerical Fields

Media servers have their own distinct numerical fields. Some of these are directly from the log data; others are computed by the Sawmill plug-in. Different plug-ins report different fields; fields may include: