FAQ: Running on a Different IP

I'm running Sawmill on Windows, and it automatically starts itself up on IP and port 8988. How can I tell it to use another IP address and port?

Short Answer

Set the Server Hostname option and the Web Server Port option in the Network section of the Preferences.

Long Answer

By default, Sawmill binds to all available IPs, so if there's an IP address where it is allowed to listen on port 8988, it already is (it's also listening on

If you want it to listen only on the IP you specifiy you can do it from the Preferences. Go to the Preferences, click on the Network category, change the "Server hostname" option to the IP address you want to use, and change the "Web server port" option to the port number you want to use. The next time you start Sawmill, it will automatically bind to the IP address you specified.

If you're using the command-line version of Sawmill (sawmill), you can either do the same as above, or you can give Sawmill command line options to tell it which IP number and port to use:

  sawmill -ws t -sh -wsp 8888

When you use these options, Sawmill will immediately start up its web server on the port you specify.