FAQ: Relocation error: __dynamic_cast_2

When I try to run Sawmill, I get an error "relocation error: sawmill: undefined symbol: __dynamic_cast_2". How can I fix this?

Short Answer

This is a GNU library incompatibility; build Sawmill from source instead of using the binary distribution.

Long Answer

This occurs on UNIX systems, and is due to Sawmill being built expecting a different version of the GNU libraries than the one you have on your system (libstdc++). In other words, this is an operating system incompatibility -- we're building on a different version than you're running on.

The best solution is to use the "encrypted source" version of Sawmill, rather than the binary distribution for your platform; i.e., choose "encrypted source" as the "operating system" when you're downloading Sawmill. This version requires that you have a C/C++ compiler installed on your system. Follow the instructions to build Sawmill from source -- it's easy. The resulting binary will run properly on your system

If you don't have a compiler installed, please contact support@sawmill.net.