FAQ: Exporting Data From Statistics

Can I export the data from Sawmill reports to Excel or other programs?

Short Answer

Yes; click the "export" link in the toolbar above reports to export the data from that report's table in CSV format. Many programs, including Excel, can import CSV format files.

Long Answer

Sawmill supports CSV export of any table. Just view the statistics, find the table you want, and click the "export" link in the toolbar. Save the resulting file from your browser, and import it into Excel or any other program that supports CSV.

You can also generate CSV from the command line, like this:

  sawmill -p profilename -a ect -rn "reportname"

where viewname is the internal name of the report. For instance:

  sawmill -p MyProfile -a ect -rn "pages"

To get a list of the internal names of the reports, use:

  sawmill -p MyProfile -a list_reports

You can also use the -f option (Using Log Filters) on the command line to use filters on the table data.