FAQ: Changing the graph field

How do I change the field which is graphed, e.g. from page view to bandwidth?

Short Answer

Edit the profile .cfg file, and change the field name in the numerical_fields section of that report element.

Long Answer

If you want to change the field which is graphed, in the graph above a particular report table, do this:

  1. Open the profile .cfg file (in the profiles directory of the LogAnalysisInfo directory) in a text editor.

  2. Find the Reports section (Search for "reports = {")

  3. Scroll down until you see the report you want to change, for example "Days", so look for "days = {"

  4. A few lines below that find the line that says "graph = {". You should see this:

    numerical_fields = {
      hits = "true"
    } # numerical_fields
  5. Change this so that it reads:

    numerical_fields = {
      visitors = "true"
    } # numerical_fields

    You can substitute any numerical field name here, so page_views/hit/visitors/bytes etc (you must use the internal name for the field, not the "display" label).

  6. Refresh the browser to see the new graph.

NOTE: In some cases, just refreshing the browser may not actually show the new graph. You can be sure that once these changes have been made Sawmill will be producing the new graph, it is the browsers job to show you it. You may need to empty your browsers cache to be emptied for this to be seen.