FAQ: Showing All Files

How can I see all files that were hit on my web site, not just the pages?

Short Answer

Delete or disable the 'Strip non-page-views' log filter, and rebuild the database

Long Answer

By default, Sawmill does not track the hits on individual image files and other non-page files when analyzing web log data, to save space in the database and reduce clutter in the "Pages" report. It does this by replacing the filename portion of the page with the value '(nonpage)', so all non-page hits will appear as values ending with '(nonpage)'. If you need this information, you need to tell Sawmill to track filenames for all hits. To do this, go to the Log Filters section of the Config section of your profile, and delete or disable the log filter called 'Strip non-page-views', which replaces the filename for non-page-view hits with '(nonpage)'. Then rebuild the database and view the reports, and all files (not just pages) will appear in the "Pages" and "Pages/directories" reports.