FAQ: Language Modules--Localization and Customization

Is Sawmill available in languages other than English? How can I change the output of Sawmill to be in a different language, or to use different wording?

Short Answer

Sawmill is currently available in English, German, and Japanese, and can be translated into any language fairly easily. Customization of output text is also easy.

Long Answer

Sawmill has a feature designed for just this purpose, called Language Modules. Language modules are text files which contain all of the text that Sawmill ever generates. You can translate part or all of Sawmill into any language by modifying the language modules. English, German, and Japanese translations already exist. Language modules can also be used to customize the output of Sawmill in almost any conceivable way. For full details, see Language Modules--Localization and Text Customization in the online manual.