FAQ: Login Loops Back to Login

When I try to log in to Sawmill, I get to the Admin page, but the next thing I click takes me back to the login page. Why?

Short Answer

Your browser isn't storing the cookie Sawmill needs to maintain the login, or something is blocking the browser from sending the cookie. Make sure cookies are on in the browser, firewalls aren't blocking cookies, and don't use Safari 1.2.1 or earlier as your browser.

Long Answer

Sawmill uses web browser cookies to store your login information, which keeps you logged in. If the browser isn't passing the cookie back to Sawmill properly, Sawmill won't know you're logged in, and you'll keep getting the login screen.

To keep this from happening, make sure cookies are enabled in your web browser. If you want to be selective about who gets cookies, at least make sure that the hostname or IP where Sawmill is running is allowed to get cookies. If your browser differentiates "session cookies" from other cookies, all you need is session cookies.

Use an approved browser--some browsers don't handle cookies quite right. Approved browsers are Internet Explorer 6, Safari 1.2.2 or later, and Firefox. Others may work, but have not been verified. In particular Safari 1.2.1 and earlier does not handle cookies properly -- this is fixed in 1.2.2 and later.