FAQ: Can't See Network Drives in Windows 2003

Why can't Sawmill see my mapped drive, share, directory, or mount points when I run it under Windows 2003?

Short Answer

Windows 2003 has a strict security policy which prevents access to network drives from Sawmill. To make it work, you need to let "everyone" permissions apply to anonymous, and remove the restriction on anonymous access to named pipes and shares (in Administrative Tools).

Long Answer

The Windows 2003 security policies prevent programs like Sawmill from accessing network drives (mapped or UNC). In order to enable access to these drives, you need to do this:

  1. Go to Control Panel

  2. Open Administrative Tools

  3. Click Local Security Policy

  4. Click the Local Policies folder

  5. Click the Security Options folder

  6. Under Network Access, turn on "Let Everyone permissions apply to anonymous users."

  7. Under Network Access, turn off "Restrict anonymous access to named pipes and shares."

Now Windows 2003 will let Sawmill see and access network drives.