FAQ: No Images in CGI Mode

I run Sawmill in CGI mode, and all the images in the menus and the reports are missing or broken. Why?

Short Answer

You may have set the "temporary directory" incorrectly during installation. Try deleting the preferences.cfg file in LogAnalysisInfo, and access Sawmill to try again.

Long Answer

When Sawmill runs as a CGI program, it includes images in its pages by creating them in a temporary directory in the web server directory, and then embedding links in the HTML so that the images it created are served by the web server. This is done by selecting a "temporary directory" and "temporary directory URL" which point to a directory inside the web server's root directory. They both point at the same directory, but one of them is the pathname of the directory, and one of them is the URL of the directory. These two must point at the same directory for images to appear in the pages generated by Sawmill in CGI mode. If images are not appearing, it is usually because this is set incorrectly.

To correct the temporary directory, delete the preferences.cfg file in the LogAnalysisInfo folder, and access Sawmill. You will be prompted to enter the pathname and URL of the the temporary directory. Make sure you see the logo on the page after you enter the temporary directory -- if the logo does not appear, click your browser's Back button and try again until you see the logo. If the logo does not appear, no other images in the Sawmill interface will either.