FAQ: Page Parameters

I use parameters on my pages (e.g. index.html?param1+param2), but Sawmill just shows "index.html?(parameters)." How can I see my page parameters?

Short Answer

Delete the Log Filter that converts the parameters to "(parameters)."

Long Answer

By default, Sawmill creates a log filter to convert everything after the ? in the page field to "(parameters)". In most cases that's best, because it reduces the size of the database significantly. But if you need the parameter information, it's easy to get it back--just delete that filter. You can do that like this:

  1. Go to the Config section of your profile.

  2. Click Log Filters.

  3. If your log format is Apache or similar, find the log filter which replaces everything after "?" with "(parameters)", and delete or disable that log filter.

  4. If your log format is IIS or similar, find the log filter which appends the cs_uri_query field to the cs_uri_stem field, and enable that log filter.

  5. Rebuild the database.

When you view the reports, you'll see that "(parameters)" has now been replaced by actual parameters.