FAQ: Relabeling/White-labeling Sawmill

I want to deploy Sawmill to my customers, but I want it to look like part of my site. I don't want the name Sawmill to appear -- I want my own name to appear. Can I relabel or white-label Sawmill?

Short Answer

Yes, but the degree to which you can relabel depends on your license.

Long Answer

You can relabel Sawmill and it's not very difficult, however the extent to which you can relabel depends on the license purchased (i.e. Professional, Enterprise etc.).

Sawmill Professional allows easy modification of certain screen attributes within the standard End User License, attributes such as colors, fonts, etc. Sawmill Professional also allows the language used on-screen to be modified or translated, plus it allows the addition of a graphic item by use of the custom HTML headers and footers, however the license does not allow the removal or replacement of any Sawmill logos or credits etc. Should you require Professional Edition with even more customization ability and you are a qualifying user or integrator then we may be able to assist you. Under these circumstances you should forward your detailed proposal to us containing precise descriptions (preferably diagrams) of how you would wish the screens to look and we will respond.

Sawmill Enterprise allows very considerable customization of the user interface and statistics screens to the point that just about every on-screen item can be modified deleted or replaced, or new items introduced. This ability is allowed within the standard license which should be consulted prior to making any final changes.

You can view the Sawmill End User License here. Note that under all circumstances, and for each product, the License requires that you leave the Flowerfire copyright notice untouched and visible together with a visible reference to Sawmill on every page.

Please contact support@flowerfire.com if our standard licensing does not meet your need.