FAQ: Renaming a profile

How can I rename a profile, after it has been created?

Short Answer

Either recreate it with the new name, or edit the profile .cfg with a text editor, and change the label.

Long Answer

It is not possible to rename the name of a profile through the web interface. You can create a new profile with the desired name, and delete the old one. If the original profile is customized , all customizations will have to be redone in the new profile.

To change the name of the profile without recreating it, you can edit the profile .cfg file using a text editor. The file is in LogAnalysisInfo/profiles. Search for "create_profile_wizard_info" in the file, and on the line above it, you will see the label of the profile. The label shows how the profile appears in the web interface, so changing this label line will change the name in the web interface. It does not change the "internal" name, however, which is used from the command line to refer to the profile.

If you also need to change the internal name, you will need to rename the profile .cfg file. Do this by changing the filename, e.g., oldprofile.cfg becomes newprofile.cfg. It is CRITICAL that you also change the first line of the .cfg file (using a text editor) to match the filename, without the .cfg extension; so the first line would change from:

  oldprofile = {


  newprofile = {

If you do not do this, the Sawmill profile list will give an error, rather than listing the profiles, and other parts of Sawmill may be broken as well. The first line of any .cfg file must always match the filename. Once the filename and first line have been changed, the internal name of the profile will be the new name, and you will also be able to use the new name from command lines. You may also need to manually edit LogAnalysisInfo/schedule.cfg, if you have scheduled tasks which refer to the old name.