FAQ: Backup and Restore

How do I backup and restore my Sawmill installation, or a particular profile and its database?

Short Answer

Backup and restore the LogAnalysisInfo folder when no update or build is running, or for one profile. For MySQL also backup and restore the MySQL database.

Long Answer

If you're using the internal database, you can back up the LogAnalysisInfo directory in your Sawmill installation directory, to back up the entire installation; and you can restore it to restore the entire installation. This will back up profiles, databases, users, preferences, scheduled tasks, and more. The backup and restore must occur when there is no database update or rebuild in progress; it is fine if there is a report generation in progress.


If you're using a MySQL database, you can do the backup/restore as described above, and you will also need to back up the MySQL database for each profile. By default, the MySQL database's name is the same as the internal name of the profile, but it can be overridden in Database Options, in the Config section of the profile. Consult the MySQL documentation for information on backing up and restoring a database.


To backup or restore a particular profile, backup or restore the profile file from LogAnalysisInfo/profiles, and the database folder from LogAnalysisInfo/Databases, and if you're using MySQL, backup and restore the MySQL database for the profile.