FAQ: Sawmill Server is Down

I can't access Sawmill where I usually do (http://www.xxx.yyy.zzz:8988/) -- is your (Flowerfire's) server down?

Short Answer

No -- your server is down. Sawmill runs on your computer, not on ours -- contact your network administrator if you're having problems accessing it.

Long Answer

Sawmill runs as a web server on the computer where it was installed, which is a client computer, not one of our servers. So if you're having trouble accessing Sawmill through your web browser, it means that your installation of Sawmill is messed up in some way (Sawmill may not be running where you expected it to be). If you installed Sawmill yourself, you may need to restart it. If someone else installed Sawmill, please contact them (it may be your network administrator) for assistance in getting Sawmill up and running again.

On a related note, Sawmill never contacts Flowerfire, or any of Flowerfire's computers. It does not transmit log data to Flowerfire, it does not transmit statistics to Flowerfire, it does not receive any information or data from Flowerfire (the sole exception being the download of the GeoIP database, if it isn't present in the installation), and in all other ways it is a complete self-contained program that does not rely on Flowerfire's servers. Because Sawmill runs as a web server, people often assume that Sawmill is actually running on the Internet, on one of our servers, but it isn't -- it runs on your computers, and does not use the Internet or the network except where you specifically ask for it (i.e. to download files by FTP when you've requested that it do so, or to send mail when you've asked it to, or to look up IP numbers using DNS when you've asked it to).