FAQ: Finding the Top (field) for a Particular (field)

How can I see the top (insert field here) for each (insert field here)? For instance, how can I see the pages hit by particular visitor? Or the top visitors who hit a particular page? Or the top referrers for a particular day, or the top days for a particular referrer? Or the top search phrases for a search engine, the top authenticated users for a directory, the top directories accessed by an authenticated user, etc.?

Short Answer

Click on the item you're interested in, and chose the other field from "default report on zoom".

Long Answer

Sawmill can answer this sort of question for any combination of fields. All you need to do is use the zoom filters (or global filters) to zoom in on the item you want specific information for, and then use "default report on zoom" to switch to the report that shows the data you want. For instance, if you want to know the top search engines for a particular search phrase, click Search phrases, then click a particular search phrase, and then choose "Search engines" from the "Default report on zoom" menu. The resulting table will show you a breakdown by search engine of the hits for the search phrase you selected.