FAQ: Zooming Further

How do I see more levels of statistics (i.e. how can I zoom in further)?

Short Answer

Increase the "suppress below" level for this database field in the profile options.

Long Answer

Sawmill limits the number of levels you see by default to save memory, disk space, and time. You can increase the levels on any database field like this:

  1. Using a text editor, open the .cfg file for your profile, in the LogAnalysisInfo/profiles folder.

  2. Find the database = { section.

  3. Within that section, find the fields = { section.

  4. Within that section, find the database field you want to change.

  5. Increase the suppress_below value for that field.

  6. Save the file.

  7. Rebuild the database.

Then you'll be able to see as many levels as you chose. See also Memory, Disk, and Time Usage.