FAQ: Zooming on single files

How do I see the number of downloads for a particular file (i.e. a newsletter PDF, or a template file PDF)?

Short Answer

Select PDF from the 'File Types' table and then use the Zoom Menu to Zoom to the URL's report, then Select the PDF you need to get an overview of that file.

Long Answer

Click on the 'Content' report group from the left hand menu, then click on the 'File Types' report. When the File Types report loads, click on 'PDF' from the table and the table will re-load with just a PDF entry and a menu will appear above the table with a list of all tables in it.

From that drop down (The Zoom To Menu) select the 'Pages' or 'URL's' (it could be either) option and you should then see a page load that has only pages/URL's in where the file type is PDF. You can then select the PDF from that list, and you would next see an Overview for that file only.

This type of filtering uses the Zoom Filters, they are temporary filters that are applied on the report(s) as you click about (Zoom about) the report. By clicking on any item from the left hand menu they are cancelled and you are returned to that reports default view where there are no filters set (unless the default has a filter set via the Report Editor, in which case that filter set will be applied).

If you want to filter items in the report, have it apply to the whole report and be able to turn on the filter when you need to, it is better to use the Global Filters that are available from the Filter Icon in the Toolbar (just above the report). These can be created and enabled and disabled as you need them, and you only need to create them once and they are stored under your username and the profile you are using for use next time you need them, Zoom filters are not stored anywhere and need re-applying each time you need the filter set.